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By putting the creative talents in an ownership and management position, we can continue to be driven by creative and values concerns, and not let those be eclipsed by box-office numbers. This will allow us to continue to deliver unprecedented high-quality, innovative digital animation programs which provide a good return on investment while staying true to our core values.

Quipster Animation’s relationship with Sebastian Brown Productions (through CEO J. Michael Miller) allow us to offer both animation and production services, enabling us to present properties directly to studios and networks, without additional intermediate steps.

Here is a brief sketch of the principal people behind Quipster Animation.


J. Michael Miller
CEO / President / Executive Producer
[ email ]

is the founder and CEO of Quipster Animation, and also CEO of production company Sebastian Brown Productions. Michael is a creative entrepreneur with experience in the music, film and commercial real estate development markets.
Gilbert Banducci
[ email ]
freelance artist working for Quipster Animation. Gil has directed many productions including shorts and commercials and has done narration and voice-overs for film and TV productions. Gilbert attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Nicolás P. Villarreal
[ email ]
[ portfolio ]
freelance artist working for Quipster Animation. Nicolás has worked as a 2D animator and character designer, doing storyboards and sculptures for video game and animation companies, including The Walt Disney Studios. He also teaches at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Michael Parks
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[ reel ]
has worked in animation for features and television for sixteen years, including eight years at Pixar Animation Studios. He has also done documentary filmmaking, television commercial production, and video game animation.
Conor A. Meyers
[ email ]
focuses on the general representation of businesses of all forms in non-litigated and litigated matters, real estate, corporate, contract, and transactional work. He is an experienced trial lawyer.

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